Bethel Church was founded in 1988 in the Mokdong district of Seoul with just 7 individuals. Through God's leading and blessing, Bethel Church has grown to over 10,000 members at present.

Our Statement of Faith

We abide by the Apostle’s Creed and the Westminster Confession of Faith. At the same time, Bethel Church remains faithfully devoted to God’s calling of missions. Bethel Church confidently believes that this will also be true of believers. We believe that Jesus Christ alone offers salvation. As a result, one lives a life that matures within this faith, and therefore honors God. With His guidance, we believers will reveal the testimony of faith in our lives and continue, today, to testify to the history of the Holy Spirit. Bethel Church serves the world as Jesus Christ did. Bethel Church follows Jesus Christ’s example before the world.

Realization of Three Goals


A Church with a vision of the Gospel

Bethel Church believes that Jesus' vision is both the fundamental and driving force of the Church. Bethel Church is faithful to those fundamentals.


Contemporary Church

Bethel Church strives to be a modern and contemporary, so as not to become stagnant in keeping things as is.


Future-Oriented Church

We refuse to remain in a state of keepings things as they are/were. We urge you to strive to continuously move forward and not become stagnant in your faith.

Worship Information

Simultaneous translation into English is available via headsets in our 12 p.m. service. Headsets are available in the lobby area of the 6th floor.

Cell Groups

Cell groups are small groups within the larger church that meet weekly. This community provides that chance to share in God’s grace and to encourage each other in Christ to grow in faith. A foreign cell group is available in English. Through this time, you can learn more about the Bible and share about your relationship with Christ. This group also provides spiritual teaching and an opportunity to deepen your faith in Jesus Christ.